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Thanks so much for visiting my new website, Get Creative2. I am grateful that you've stopped by for a few minutes and hope that you find something for your birds or an upcoming workshop to attend!

Many years ago (and I DO mean many) when I got my very first budgie, "Bird," there just wasn't information out there about avian enrichment, nutrition, behavior and training, health and well-being. Frankly, I wasn't looking for it. I was young, on my own, had my first house, and I just thought you buy a parakeet, you buy a small cage, hang it from the ceiling, and head to Woolworth's for a box of Hartz Mountain parakeet seed. Bird got a tiny seed feeder, a tiny yellow plastic water holder, and a perch covered with one of those pieces of sandy gravel paper for her nails. I may have hung an obligatory worthless toy in the cage, but honestly I can't remember. I only made sure that the feeder was full and the water wasn't empty. Yes, I was pathetic. Fortunately, Bird was a robustly healthy and happy little budgie, in spite of me. She had free rein of my little house. Flew all over the place, sat on the music rack of my piano and left everlasting little chew marks on my volumes of Chopin Scherzi and Beethoven Sonatas, plus some special droppings...everywhere. I didn't care. We had a great relationship. She was a very, very wonderful little bird, who went on her own amazing adventures in under 600 sq ft. And she lived a wonderful life...again, in spite of my ignorance. Lucky me.

Fast forward to today. Avian education, in all of the aforementioned fields, has grown by leaps and bounds since my time with Bird. There are experts galore: we take our birds for wellness exams to veterinarians who specialize in avian medicine. Who knew? We purchase excellent food products and create healthy fresh meals for them. Or...with a click of a button, we purchase that nutritious food online from others who create the perfect mixes for our specific species. There are onsite webinars offered by experienced, accredited avian educators who share their knowledge with anyone willing to listen or read, or participate, and learn. There are how-to videos, (thank goodness!) on just about everything parrot. Parrot clubs and rescues and non-profits exist all over this country, all over this world. All there to help our birds and those birds that aren't as fortunate as ours. People buy from breeders, adopt from rescues, inherit from family and friends. There are just a lot of options.

And, there's a plethora of fabulous internet sites run by incredibly gifted people who offer wonderful innovative, colorful, safe parrot toys, in every size and shape imaginable. My mind is boggled by the perpetual flow of creativity that's out there in cyberspace! And now I am jumping into the fray of these websites offering my own parrot toys and educational avian workshops and the occasional blog post.

Are Get Creative2 parrot enrichment products better than everyone else's out there? Absolutely not. Not better, but definitely unique, different. Are they as good as the endless, excellent parrot toys out there on the internet? I think so. I know that MY flock loves their GC2 toys, and the toys and other products that I've sold over the past five years have been well received by my clients, and by my repeat clients. I take great pride in coming up with new designs, especially my GC2 Woodpecker Foraging Toys, built with beautiful Ponderosa pine from our woods.

And so, here on the internet, there are definitely schools and schools of "fish in this sea" of parrot toy offerings, created by the best of the best. Although I'm not a great swimmer in the literal sense, I am now jumping into this wonderful, diverse sea of avian enrichment cyber world with my business, my toys, my workshops, my writing. And, I definitely hope that when you "go fishing" for some enrichment for your beloved flock, you'll consider an original Get Creative2 creation. Please give my unique line of safe, well-made parrot toys, perches and swings a look and hopefully you will find something that your flock just can't live without. You might even read another blog or sign up for one of my GC2 Parrot Workshops.

I thank you. Bird would thank you, too. See you here again, soon.


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