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  • Where does Get Creative2 present Get Creative2 Avian Workshops?
    Get Creative2 is located near the Denver Metro area in Colorado and, over the past five years, has provided dozens of hands-on, educational workshops in pet supply stores, for parrot rescues, at a pet hotel, as well as worked with parrot clubs and organizations in the Denver Metropolitan area. GC2 has also traveled outside of Colorado and presented avian workshops in Minneapolis, MN and Houston, Tx. Anyone interested in having Gaye present a fun & educational GC2 parrot workshop to their parrot group, rescue, etc, should contact her @
  • Who presents at Get Creative Parrot Workshops?
    Gaye leads many of her GC2 Parrot Workshops and also brings in experts in the avian field, including highly regarded avian veterinarians, a world-renowned behavioralist, technicians, and other specialists to present detailed, hands-on avian workshops, on topics ranging from behavior and training to nutrition to wellness to grooming.
  • Are all GC2 Toys, Perches and Swings in stock in large numbers?"
    No, Gaye makes all of the Get Creative2 inventory herself. Each toy is handcrafted, including cutting the Ponderosa pine pieces for her original line of "Woodpecker Foraging Toys," drying it, drilling it, as well as preparing all of the supplies needed to complete each GC2 toy, perch, swing, or playstand. When orders are received, customers will be notified of the time frame to expect their order to be shipped, usually no later than 3-5 days. All efforts will be made to get completed orders into the mail asap. However, no corners will be cut in creating each and every GC2 creation.
  • Will the toys, perches or swings that I order look exactly like the pictures?"
    The supplies to build your order will be exactly what you see in the picture. However, toys will each be unique because of the different colors of toy parts, rope, wood, etc that will be used. Remember, if you are ordering a GC2 Woodpecker Foraging Toy, each piece of Ponderosa Pine is unique, shaped differently from the one that came before, and the one that will come after. That's the beauty of wood! Pieces will be as close as possible to the dimensions in the pictures.
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